Introducing Sustainable & Compostable Packaging from Hestevard

Jan 23, 2023Sebastian Feuster

Hestevard is a recognised brand in Vet Practices and equine yards up and down the UK and increasingly so across Europe. And YES we take sustainability of our products incredibly seriously. 

From the minute a new product is conceived, packaging is one of the biggest decisions we make. Yes of course we scrutinise the product formula, make sure our ingredients are from sustainable and ethical sources - you see, at Hestevard those things are taken as 'a given'. Packaging on the other hand historically was just a simple white, plastic tub. After all they have been used in the equine industry for EVER. But just doing what every other manufacturer does, isn't an option for Hestevard.

Packaging is serious stuff!

Yes that's why we are disrupting the market and introducing Fibre Tubs for our balancers and cardboard packaging instead of plastic tubs across our ranges. 

We are realists though and we know we can't change the world overnight - but we can start by significantly reducing plastic in our range.

Our marketing team are working tirelessly on packaging trials - in fact our Marketing office looks like a retail samples office most of the time. With samples of this and samples of that - there is a whole lot of great work going on. From sourcing carboard cylinders and checking sustainability and ethics.... you cant just pick up a tub any more and not think about where its come from, how its been made, what it's been made of, and how it can be disposed of - for example - did you know level 7 recyclable plastics used by so many companies - actually means it has to go straight to landfill, but as a consumer, we are convinced that funny triangle must mean it's good, environmentally friendly AND can be recycled. Right? WRONG!

So what are Hestevard doing to make our packaging more sustainable?

Well, we are introducing new packaging and let's see what you think. 

Starting with two new product introductions - BozMerix Balancer Maintenance Diet and Biofix-40, we are introducing a fully compostable 10kg fibre tub PLUS a 3kg FSC certified, ethically sourced and produced cardboard cylinder that can either go in your standard recycling or thrown on your dung heap and allowed to compost naturally.

Take our 10kg fibre tub - typically in the equine industry this would have meant a huge plastic bucket - the one we have used for years for this size weighs in at 670g of plastic!!! We're replacing that with just 35g of plastic with a very thin plastic bag inside our 10kg tub. That's a HUGE reduction in the plastic we have used for this product - from 670g down to 35g. 

Let's take that a step further though - assuming your horse weighs 500kg, then it will eat its way through 10kg of our balancer in 20 days. That's 18.25 x 10kg in a year - and that is a whopping 12.3kg of plastic tubs being replaced with just 638 grams of plastic for just one horse, and one balancer. Thats got to be good news and better for our planet!!! 

Of course our packaging doesnt have to be single use either. 

What else can i do with Hestevard packaging?

Well we hope you agree with us and thing our new packaging is a real statement, and some may even say it is beautiful! For that reason, here are a few fun suggestions of things to do with our packaging when your tub is empty.

Fill with compost and plant vegetables or sunflowers

Our tubs will naturally break down in the ground, so you can use them a starter pots for vegetables such as Courgettes, Potatoes, Tomatoes. 

The tub will stay rigid long enough to give seeds a start and then simply dig a hole in your veggie patch and then watch your vegetables grow without having to disturb their roots with re-potting.

Tidy your Tack Room

Our tubs can be re-used time and time again for storing bits and bobs around your yard. From brushes and hoof picks to pens, pencils and even keys, simply chuck them in and tidy up. 

Brighten up your day

As soon as one of our Vets saw Biofix-40 she said it was perfect for keeping a bunch of silk flowers in!! So you see the options are endless. Don't forget to share on social media the great ideas you have .... and we might even have a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower in a BozMerix Balancer tub!! Keep an eye on our social channels for more information and I'm sure our marketing team will be sharing lots of ideas.

So if you find yourself wondering if Hestevard are really taking Sustainable Packaging seriously, then we hope we've put your mind to rest - YES we really do!

Our packaging is 'the difference'.

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