Introducing Biofix-40 - Hoof Maintenance Mini Pellets

Jan 31, 2023Sebastian Feuster

Biofix-40 is the latest product to join the Hestevard Signature Range. Formulated as a mini pellets this nutritious blend combines Biotin & Zinc along with a range of other nutritious vitamins, minerals & trace elements to support healthy hooves.

Biofix-40 provides supports the condition and strength of the hoof for horses and ponies, containing a high level of Biotin (40mg per day) to help hoof health. Our Hestevard Signature Range, contains high-quality ingredients from sustainable sources, and that are 100% traceable back through our manufacturing process and back to source. We test everything, so we know our products are what they say they are and the finest possible quality at a fair and reasonable price.

Why use a supplement high in Biotin for your horse?

You've heard the expression 'No hoof, no horse' and Biotin really helps make sure the hoof of your horse is maintained in healthy condition.

Horses and ponies can develop a biotin deficiency at any point in their lifetime and can even be genetically passed down through the generations. By adding Biotin to your horses' diet, you can reduce the risk of hoof damage due to hard or wet ground, increase the hardness and overall health of the hoof, build strength and of course it also assists with many other things including promoting hair growth for a gorgeously glossy mane & tail! 

Biofix-40 also contains Zinc, a mineral, which helps supports the proteins required for horses and ponies. Which, with biotin, together forms a stronger bond for the growth of healthy hooves.

This product is strongly encouraged for general supplementation and maintenance, as well as clinically recommended for hoof improvement. 

All horses are built different, whether it be genetics or a developing cause, BioTex-40 is suitable for all horse and pony breeds as well as pregnant mares, foals and is safe to use during training and competition (UK, 2023).

Our new packaging also ensures this product is one of THE most sustainable supplements on the market too - we have ditched single use plastic tubs for this product and we hope you will agree that this is one small step to making our world a better, and more sustainable place - OH and it looks pretty amazing too, we hope you agree! 

Watch out for our Sustainable Packaging Blog which will go into more detail about how Hestevard product packaging is leading the industry on sustainable (and gorgeous) packaging!

And... we may very soon be introducing a Biofix-40 Sample pack too... let us know if that would be useful!

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