Hestevard is delighted to announce that we are extending our loyalty programme. We are adding more products to the Loyalty Programme so that you are now able to collect vouchers from a wider range of products.  

The Hestevard loyalty vouchers are now being added to the following products:

  • BozMerix 60x10g Sachet Box
  • BozMerix 1.5kg Recyclable Pouch
  • Hesteflex 1.7kg Recyclable Pouch
  • Profix +BIND 20x 10g Sachet Box
  • Profix +BIND 60x 10g Sachet Box
  • Pectigus ADVANCED 3kg Tub
  • Pectigus ADVANCED 9kg Tub

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be adding loyalty vouchers to new Hestevard products and also into new sizes of existing products. Please keep an eye on this page for updates as we continue to enhance the Hestevard Loyalty Programme. 



How does the Hestevard Loyalty Programme work?

Our loyalty programme is simple. Collect 6 loyalty vouchers from your purchases, and when you take all 6 to your veterinary practice, you will be given a 7th product free of charge. The 7th product will be a ‘pack’ of the lowest cost product of the 6 products you have purchased.   

Can I mix and match products?

Yes! With the newly enhanced programme, you no longer need to collect 6 of the same products. Simply collect any 6 cards, and you will receive the cheapest product free. 

For example, if you collect 5x vouchers from BozMerix 1.5kg recyclable pouches and 1 loyalty voucher from BozMerix 60x10g sachets, you will receive 1 x BozMerix 60x10g sachets free as your loyalty product, as this is the lowest priced product from your mix of 6 vouchers.

I don’t live in the UK. Can I still claim my Loyalty Product?

If you are in one of the following countries, then YES you may also participate in the Hestevard Loyalty Scheme:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg

Simply collect 6 vouchers and return them to the veterinarian that you purchased the Hestevard products. You will be given a 7th product free (which will be an additional box or pouch of the lowest priced product of the 6 you have purchased.

All vouchers need to be original documents. Veterinary practices are unable to accept photocopies or scanned versions of the Loyalty Vouchers.

I have a question about the Hestevard Loyalty Programme, how do I get help?

If you have any questions relating to the Hestevard Loyalty Programme or you need help redeeming the vouchers, please email info@hestevard.com



How does a Veterinary Practice redeem Hestevard Loyalty Vouchers?

Redeeming loyalty vouchers should be as simple as possible for both the horse owner and your veterinary practice. 

When a client has collected 6 original loyalty vouchers, they simply return them to your practice. Please make sure they have completed all their personal information.

Your client must submit original vouchers to you – please do not accept scanned or photocopied vouchers. 

A member of staff at the veterinary practice simply needs to complete the Veterinary practice section of the form to validate the Loyalty Scheme (and original documents) and assess which products the horse owner has collected. You may then give the horse owner a box of the lowest priced qualifying product from the stock at your practice and make sure you fill out the Redeemed free product box on the form and product size. 

Please staple the 6 vouchers together, and send these back to your local Distributor as follows: 

  • United Kingdom - FS Animal Health
  • Germany - FS Animal Health
  • Ireland - FS Animal Health 
  • Netherlands - FS Animal Health
  • France - FS Animal Health

As soon as your local distributor receives your vouchers, a replacement product will be sent directly to you free of charge – however, please do ensure that you clearly mark which product and size has been given to your client free of charge.

I have a question about the Hestevard Loyalty Programme, how do I get help?

If you have any questions relating to how your practice redeems Hestevard Loyalty Vouchers, please email info@hestevard.com




The Hestevard Loyalty programme has no monetary value. Thus, they cannot be exchanged for cash or used as a credit against an account. Loyalty cards can only be exchanged for products or items offered within the Hestevard Loyalty Programme. Hestevard reserve the right to withdraw products from the Loyalty programme at any time and may restrict the scheme for customers on an alternative discount structure.  The products offered within the scheme are at the full and sole discretion of Hestevard LLP. 

Hestevard LLP 07/2022