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Sometimes scientific advances do a complete orbit….

Equine nutrition’s roots’ are firmly planted with the origin of equestrian sports in the military and follow closely through to the first show jumping at Olympia in 1907 and the initiation of show jumping to the Olympics at Stockholm in 1912. In these bygone years of a proud equestrian era where the quality of your horse was a judge of your status, excellent nutrition, careful gene selection and good husbandry was all there was to make the difference. There were no complex medicines, with veterinary treatment focused on physical procedures and natural remedies.

But already, before these great events had taken place, writing was on the wall. Far away in the workshops of the distant lands of France and Germany the great combustion engine had roared into life for the first time. The sands of change were shifting and during the next 100 years very little would remain the same.

By 1928, Penicillin was discovered. Rapidly, medicine advanced and nutrition became left behind in the dusts of former investments. The medicinal investment led to a decline in revolutionary nutritional advances which continued the cycle. And so the changes continued in many areas: modern medicine, plastics, nuclear energy – the world was changing, and changing fast.

As the twilight of the 20th century faded and the glimmers of the 21st century appeared, the world was changing at meteoric speed but there, in the blur of the flywheel of science, streaks of a new colour appeared: sustainability blue. Fuelled by the rise of antibiotic resistance and an increased awareness of climate change and the health of the planet, interest and investment digging down to re-discover our sustainable roots.

Within our small the team with knowledge and links all over the equine veterinary world we were working on the marginal gains. The tiny advantages. The possible impossible. The difference. How far could we develop the science of nutrition? From laboratories to universities, from the clinic to the hospital and from the pharmacy to the car boot - the shoots of blue began to appear.

With the introduction of products like Exagus ADVANCED and BozMerix, Hestevard was nutritionally the difference that our best friends, the Equus caballus, have been crying out for.

The use of scientifically developed sustainable nutrition may continue to divide opinions, however those that dare to prove the science, will dare to feed ‘the difference’.