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Hestevard Feed Balancers

For Mobility
BozMerix Balancer Maintenance Diet 10kg (Signature Range)

For Mobility

An active joint support maintenance diet which supports the natural systems that control inflammation.
For Muscles
Myocel +VITA 3kg (Signature Range)

For Muscles

A nutritionally balanced, grain free mini-pellet to support the maintenance of lean muscle.
For Digestion
Pectigus Balancer Maintenance Diet 10kg (Signature Range)

For Digestion

A balancer with a feed element to assist the maintenance of optimum gut function and health.
External Health

External Health

Internal Health

Internal Health

Overal Health

Overal Health

The Difference

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We want to help

Frequently Asked Questions

We only retail our products via equine vet practices. We do however offer free samples for some of our range for you to have a palatability test of the products before purchasing. Please see individual product pages to order a sample. Postage is free on all sample products.

Current product samples available:

  • BozMerix
  • BozMerix Crunch Tabs
  • Pectigus ADVANCED
  • Hesteflex
  • Profix +BIND

Other products are available as trial sizes via your vet practice. Please contact your regular vet for further information.

Would you like to request a free sample? Click here.

100% YES! We have worked hard to reduce our environmental footprint with our packaging. All our cardboard is fully recyclable and we are reducing our single use plastics to a minimum.

We are currently in the process of introducing refill pouches to our range of products and we have ensured that these pouches are fully recyclable at level 4 recycling points. They are constructed 100% recyclable material. Product can be kept in the pouch or placed in on of our tough buckets. When the pouch is empty please take the pouch to a level 4 recycling point or if you would prefer, simply return them to our offices and we will recycle them on your behalf. 

Our cardboard cylinders and large fibre drums are also recyclable or you can compost them on your muck heap or general composting pile. 

The vast majority our products are manufactured with fully traceable ingredients and are guaranteed free from any naturally occurring prohibited substances as governed by UK competition rules. Outside of the UK, we ask you to refer to regional guidelines as competition rules may vary.

Please check the details on each product page - where a product is not competition safe, we will note it on the Technical section of the product information.

100%!!! Simply throw them on the muck heap when you are finished with it - or fill it with compost to grow things in like sunflowers. They will gradually break down so you can start plants in the tub and then bury it in the garden or flower bed somewhere and allow the plants roots to grow through it. 

Our Professional Range of products have been developed over many years with our vets. Vets have allowed us an incredible insight into their clinical requirements from nutrition and this insight, research and development has led to incredible supplements such as BozMerix and Pectigus ADVANCED. 

All of our 'clinical' products are (and always will be) exclusively sold through vet practices. 

Our Signature and Elements Ranges are fantastic quality nutritious supplements focusing on maintenance rather than clinical necessity. These products all have the same integrity of ingredients.