A scientifically formulated muscle supplement for horses containing a unique blend of Amino Acids and Vitamin E.

• Aids increased lean muscle mass
• Helps to improve appearance 
 & wellbeing
• Supports increased strength
• A highly palatable, 
 pelleted formula
• Zero sugar formula
• Competition safe (UK)

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This product is part of the Hestevard Professional Range and only available to order via your equine vet. Please email info@hestevard.com if you have any questions, we are very happy to help.

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Our best for your Equine


Designed to support the musculoskeletal system in horses, promoting comfort and reducing inflammation.


Powdered supplements offer convenient and versatile administration.


Suitable for horses or ponies.

Product Knowledge

Amino Acid & Vitamin E Muscle Support Formula

  • Antioxidant boost with Vitamin E to protect muscle cells from the damaging effect of free radicals.
  • Ideal for feeding to young horses pre-training, horses in rehab, or horses which need to gain muscle mass.
  • Zero sugar & suitable for horses on low sugar diets
  • A high concentration of Amino Acids derived from Pea Protein isolated by selective precipitation.
  • Supplementation with additional Amino Acids is especially important during periods of intensive exercise and competition.

Selective precipitate of pea protein isolate, Extruded soybeans, Calcium hydrogen orthophosphate, Activated Yeast.

Additives per 1 kg
Vitamin E 20,000 IU
L-Cysteine 3,550 mg
L-Threonine 3,500 mg
(Calcium salt of hydroxy analogue) 3,500 mg
L-Valine 3,000 mg
L-Isoleucine 2,500 mg
L-Tryptophan 2,000 mg

Instructions for proper use:
Myocel-BCS should be added to the normal feed ration. It should preferably be fed in the afternoon/evening feed, after the daily training/exercise.

For maintenance of normal muscle mass: 50g
During periods of pre-training and sales preparation: 50g
During rehabilitation: 50g
During intensive training or competition: 100g

Best fed 45 minutes after exercise.

The scoop enclosed contains approximately 50 g.

Tub - 3kg - up to 60 days supply