A bioavailable source of Curcumin, extracted from Turmeric, to support the maintenance of joints.

  • 360x stronger - Turmeric to support anti-inflammatory response
  • Science-backed - Joint comfort formula
  • Bioavailable - Micro-encapsulated Curcumin

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Our best for your Equine


Supplement to aid the natural systems in a horse that control inflammation and assist in orthopaedic comfort.


Liquid supplements are easily administered, absorbed, and ensure convenient incorporation into a horse's diet.


Suitable for horses or ponies.

Product Knowledge

A complementary feed to support the maintenance of joints. A bioavailable source of Curcumin extracted from Turmeric.

Contains antioxidants from natural sources.

The ctive ingredient in Kur-Q-Flex contains more than four times the active Curcumin compared to Turmeric in its natural state, and is 85 times more bioavailable.

Competition Safe (FEI).


Sorbitol, glycerine

Additives per litre:

Curcumin 50,000 mg

Instructions for proper use:

During periods of intense physical activity or competition: Feed 60 ml per day.
As a maintenance dose: Feed 30 ml per day.
Kur-Q-Flex should be added to the normal feed ration.
One 1 litre bottle lasts for up to 33 days.

FEI compliant / ADMR 48 hours grace period


Only suitable for feeding to horses.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store in a cool, dry place.
Do not freeze.
Administration to sport horses may conflict with the national rules of equestrian sport, so always check with the competent authority.
Please adhere to the feeding recommendations.